Email Marketing

How do you grow your email list, and what kind of copy or design is most effective for email campaigns?

An effective email marketing strategy involves more than sending regular emails to customers. They must be nurtured in order to ensure high clickthrough and open rates and meeting your conversion goals. Also, the success of an email campaign depends on a variety of factors pertaining to content and design, so it takes a lot of time to develop a successful long-term email marketing strategy.

Suwanee Digital’s team of email marketing professionals have the expertise and resources necessary to run highly effective campaigns. They’ll share with you their vast knowledge in a range of areas, like segmenting marketing messages to achieve goals, running A/B testing to pinpoint weaknesses in your emails, email formatting to ensure mobile friendliness, and so much more.

Suwanee Digital can help you with:

Audience research and content creation strategy

Lead magnet and website call-to-action development

Email marketing software implementation

Routine email list maintenance

Monthly email marketing performance reporting

With Suwanee Digital’s Email Marketing, you can expect:

  • Defined and clarified brand messaging
  • Better quality leads thanks to properly incentivized offers
  • More website visitors converting to email subscribers
  • Custom landing pages that persuade visitors to subscribe to your emails
  • Time-saving, automated lead generation and email campaigns

What is a drip campaign and how is that different from your existing email campaign?

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