Website Design & Hosting

Want to launch an attractive and interactive website without the hassle?

Building a website on your own presents a host of potential problems: errors in the HTML code when copy-pasting content from a Word document, a confusing site structure with bad navigation and broken links, overlooked title and description tags resulting in pages not optimized for searches, lack of image size compression, cross browser incompatibility, lack of mobile friendliness, and more.

Suwanee Digital’s Website Design & Hosting service lets you take advantage of a team of copywriters, designers, WordPress producers, and developers to create and manage the website of your dreams, minus the stress. We provide fast turnaround times so your website could launch in 30 days or less. Plus, our responsive support team can resolve any issue within 24 hours, all for a flat monthly fee.

Suwanee Digital can help you with:

Custom website features and design preferences

Website hosting and WordPress platform setup

Rough drafts submitted for your approval

Transfer from a temporary location to your primary domain

Website maintenance and routine updates

Our Website Design & Hosting lets you enjoy these benefits:

  • Predictable budgeting with an affordable, flat fee
  • User-friendly website that is geared towards marketing
  • Clear messaging that reduces bounce rates and increases conversions
  • Advanced website features that give you a competitive edge
  • Organized site structure that is easy for visitors to navigate

“What if I don’t like the website?”

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