Facebook Advertising

Trying to transform your Facebook page into a lead generating machine but your ads are not delivering?

Creating and managing Facebook ads may seem straightforward until you find issues with your ads or you don’t get any results at all. If the targeting is wrong or the parameters are not set properly, you end up with an audience that ‘Likes’ but doesn’t buy. Also, Facebook has strict rules and when your ads fail to meet them, they will be rejected.

It requires a high level of expertise to run Facebook ads successfully. By partnering with Suwanee Digital, you can take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and years of experience getting results. Also, we will not only help you run campaigns, but track them, too. With accurate data for conversions, click-through rates, and more, you can make informed decisions regarding your campaigns and maximize their returns.

Suwanee Digital can help you in targeting:

User ages, genders, and education levels

Zip codes, phone numbers, and email addresses

Top friends, relationship statuses, networks of friends

Personal interests, ‘Liked’ posts and pages

Facebook status updates

With Suwanee Digital’s Facebook Advertising service you can:

  • Pinpoint and connect with the right potential clients
  • Use analytics to determine how your ads impact your business
  • Funnel thousands of Facebook users to your website
  • Use A/B testing to identify which ads work best and maximize ROI
  • Run a successful campaign supported by our dedication and attention

Would you like to know how Facebook Advertising can boost your PPC returns?

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