4 Ways You Can Fuel Your Real Estate Business’s Growth with Social Media Marketing

4 Ways You Can Fuel Your Real Estate Business’s Growth with Social Media Marketing


Wondering whether you should engage in social media marketing? Looking for enough reasons?

How about 3.5 billion of them!

That’s the number of social media users in 2019. Facebook alone commands the lion's share of this market with a whopping 2 billion users on its platform. Where else are you going to find so many people?

What’s even more surprising is the amount of time Americans spend on social media platforms. An average American spends roughly 2.3 hours of their time on the various social networks every single day. Naturally, every marketer and every business serious about lead generation is thronging to the social networks. So, social media marketing should be on top of your list of real estate marketing ideas.

Real estate businesses have the most persuasive reasons to engage the social media audience. 32% of the homebuyers are Gen Y, followed by Baby Boomers who comprise 31% of the homebuyers, and then come the Gen X. All of these populations spend significant amounts of their time on social media, which offers real estate businesses a terrific opportunity to connect, engage, and convert them into their customers.

Here are 4 ways you can do precisely that:

  1. Connect With Your Audiences

    Social media is not your website. People don’t come here to learn about your business’s meteoric success or the hardships you faced. When they want to know that, they’ll visit real estate websites that offer such type of information.

    On social media, they want to engage with each other, network with acquaintances, learn, laugh, and have a good time. Your content should help them enjoy this experience. The content should tap into their emotions and be in a language that does not feel out of place. In short, cut out the jargon and corporate talk.

  2. Build Relationships

    Social media users hate promotional content. They ignore them. On the other hand, they like high-quality content that is genuinely useful to them. The best way to engage your target audience on social media is by offering them helpful content. Provide them tips, guides, and recommendations without asking for anything in return. Build their trust over time, and their loyalty will follow.

  3. Boost Social Media Referrals

    As per research by Nielsen, people are up to 4 times more likely to buy a product or a service when a friend refers them. This is a huge wakeup call for any business still doubting the efficacy of social media networks in bringing them customers.

    Ask your customers to like you, follow you, share you, and refer you to their social media friends. Most of them would be happy to after you provide them with an excellent service. If not enough of them are doing it, then you can always reward them for their referrals. For local businesses, social media referrals can be a gamechanger.

  4. Create Rich Content

    Social media posts with pictures and videos get superior engagement than the text-only posts. Visual content is the king of social media networks. And, 360-degree photos are the best kind of visual content. Create 360-degree photos of real estate properties and share them on Facebook. They excite your audiences, enthral them, and captivate them in ways that very little else can. You can also use real estate ads that make use of rich content to captivate and engage them.


Social media is not another place for chest-beating about your business or your services. It’s a fantastic opportunity to occupy precious ‘real estate’ in your potential clients’ mind space. Social media marketing done right can drastically boost your revenues and help you grow rapidly. Seize it. The chances are that your competition is already doing it.

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